Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Ask the Client for Your Marketing Proposal to be Returned

When you find that you have lost a new business proposal in commercial real estate brokerage, ask the client for the proposal to be returned back to you.   Try not to leave it in the possession of the prospective client so it can be shared around at a later time, and perhaps even be shown […]


Impressive New Business Proposals and Presentations in Commercial Real Estate Today

There is a big difference between an effective high quality proposal in commercial real estate sales or leasing, versus a generic one.  The high quality proposal addresses the concerns of the client and shows them that you have the best solution to take their property to the market in a comprehensive and successful way. Ultimately […]

How to Prepare for a Boardroom Presentation with Commercial Real Estate Clients

In commercial real estate brokerage today it is common for any agent to present services and real estate proposals within a boardroom setting.  The corporate clients that we work with frequently require comprehensive market information to be presented to a board of directors or group of business owners. Presenting and pitching to the client in […]


Learn from Lost Listings and Presentations in Commercial Real Estate

Like it or not in commercial real estate brokerage, you will not win all the properties that you pitch for or present on.  Over time your conversions for new business should improve but you will still not convert everything to a listing or a finalised transaction. There are reasons why listings and deals go to […]

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