How to Win More Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business as a Specialist

Commercial real estate brokerage is not an industry for the fainthearted salesperson looking for a part time job. Real strategy and specialization is always required as part of a fixed business plan and action approach to the local property market. The word ‘local’ is really important here. Most of your new business will come ‘locally’. […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Strategies to Build Your Strategic Alliances Locally

In commercial real estate brokerage you really do need to know the right people in the right ways.  Understanding your property type and location will help you identify the right people and interact with them.  Build your strategic alliances in an ongoing way so that you can grow your personal brand as a top agent […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokers – How to Engage More Prospects in Relevant Conversations

To be really effective as a commercial real estate agent or broker you should be engaging lots of prospects in conversations in a regular and ongoing way.  It’s a requirement for your diary every working day.  From that point of connection with new people you will understand what they are doing now with property and […]

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