Systems to Follow with Commercial Real Estate Market Research

In commercial real estate brokerage, the awareness that you have of current market trends will impact your ability to pitch, present, and convert new listings.  That market awareness will give you confidence, and confidence is ‘king’ when it comes to new business today. In simple terms you must be more confident than the competition about […]


Help Your Commercial Real Estate Clients Find the Next Opportunity

There are lots of things happening in commercial real estate this year, even at this early stage.  Renewed business activity and market interest are factors that are driving price and rent changes in most towns and cities. Investors are on the lookout for the next acquisition and growth opportunity; some are looking for the right […]


A Valuable Reference to Growing Your Database in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

It is a fact that many commercial real estate brokers and agents struggle when it comes to finding the right people to talk to, be it in cold calling or door knocking.  That then makes the prospecting process all that more difficult for new people to the industry.  The whole thing gets a lot simpler […]

The Laws of Cause and Effect in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

If you want to win more commercial real estate business, it pays to remember the laws of cause and effect in business.  The law simply says that you have to put in the special effort to get back the momentum and results.  The effort that you put in then has to be tweaked and tuned […]

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