Advantage – Making it Harder For the Brokerage Competition

In commercial real estate brokerage, there will always be a reasonable degree of competition around you.  On that basis, prepare for every client presentation and ensure that you have the best marketing solutions on hand to spread the word about the listing and its availability.  Top agent status in brokerage is achieved over time with […]


Practical Ways to Find Office Property Tenants

There are always tenants out in the local property market looking to move or expand to more appropriate premises.  That is a good thing for you. Get to know the local businesses, the precincts, and the properties. Within those three categories, you will find leasing movement, tenants to relocate, and businesses seeking expansion or change. […]


Market Coverage for Brokers and Agents That Will Give You Your Best Shot

These ideas in this video can help you get market coverage as a broker or an agent in your location. The ideas can help you tap into the right clients and the right properties in a comprehensive way.  Use these ideas to develop a coverage plan when it comes to certain buildings, precincts, and client […]

Brokerage Podcast

How to Make Your Listing Pitch the Best Choice for the Client

When you are to make a listing presentation in commercial or retail property, it pays to have a system covering the property type, the existing market conditions, and location.  Take steps to help the client think deeply about the real facts of their property and the available solutions.  Your solutions are important to the conversion […]

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