Impressive New Business Proposals and Presentations in Commercial Real Estate Today

There is a big difference between an effective high quality proposal in commercial real estate sales or leasing, versus a generic one.  The high quality proposal addresses the concerns of the client and shows them that you have the best solution to take their property to the market in a comprehensive and successful way. Ultimately […]

Brokerage Sales

Present and Pitch from Your Strengths as a Commercial Broker

In commercial real estate brokerage, you should sell and pitch your listing services from your strengths in the market.  You cannot be generic when it comes to providing a commercial real estate services today. Here are some specific strategies to help you identify and grow your strengths as a broker or an agent.  You can […]

Identifying Client Needs in Commercial Real Estate

Today we find many situations and variables when working with commercial real estate clients.  From the outset of any contact it is essential that we understand their focus and challenges.  To do that with efficiency it is essential that to know about the market, the competition, and the business community requirements.  Top agents do that […]

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