Brokerage Podcast

How to Design and Operate a Listing System in Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, your listing system is a big part of what you are doing every day, but also how you achieve results over time with clients, listings, and commissions. In today’s podcast, we share ideas about the listing system process and what you can do with it in building your market share. […]


3 New Business Ideas to Help Your Real Estate Vision

Life doesn’t need to be difficult in a commercial real estate agency and brokerage. Take control of your property market and your activities, because control and actions to a system will help you get anywhere with listings and transactions. Set your business targets and start taking action each day. Where do you start?  It just […]

Sales Videos

New Business Power Prospecting Part 1

In this video today, you can learn how to start a prospecting model for your real estate business. Whilst there are many ideas in the video, choose three or four that suit your location and property type. In commercial real estate brokerage, there are things that you can do every day to grow your market […]


What You Must Know About Listing Numbers in Commercial Real Estate

When you are striving to create market share as a broker or agent, you need a number of focus points to watch and track.  Important numbers show you what is happening and where you can improve.  Local indicators in property markets will show you the property types to work on and with for the enquiries […]

How to Become a Successful Cold Call Professional

There are different ways to approach prospecting in commercial real estate brokerage and you have some choices to make, but in saying that, the telephone should always be high on the agenda when it comes to connecting with new people.  Build your prospecting skills around the telephone. The telephone is efficient, easily accessed, and can […]

How to Best Use Your Time in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Sales

It is all too easy to waste time in commercial real estate brokerage.  There are so many things happening each day that threaten the focus of even the most diligent of agents.  Loss of focus leads to a loss of client contact, market share, and commissions.  I guess you know the importance of these things?  […]

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