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How to Qualify Prospects for Better Appointments

In today’s podcast you can get plenty of ideas about how you can be qualifying people comprehensively as part of taking a property enquiry. Listen to the 14 different facts that you can explore in taking an enquiry in commercial real estate sales and leasing today. (Note: If you would like more ideas about commercial […]

Ways of Conveniently Locating and Qualifying Retail Shopping Center Tenants

When you have a vacancy in a retail property and particularly so a shopping center, you really do need to be careful in finding a replacement tenant.  Ultimately your tenant choice can impact the market rent for the property, the customers visiting on a regular basis, and the other tenants in the tenant mix.  (NB […]

Leasing Shopping Centre Leasing

A Blueprint for Qualifying Retail Tenants for Shopping Center Leasing

The retail leasing process is quite special for a number of reasons.  If you work in retail leasing or shopping centre management then it is wise to fully understand the retail property market segment and the people that you are leasing space to.  Retail is not like an office or industrial property; it is geared […]


How to Qualify Your Commercial Real Estate Tenants Correctly

In commercial real estate today, the tenants that approach you enquiring for space need to be fully qualified in many different ways. That qualification should be done before you spend too much time quoting properties and holding inspections. Some tenants really do not understand the local property market, levels of rental, and the types of […]


Commercial Property Leasing Agents – How to Show a Property to a Tenant

When it comes to showing prospective tenants suitable commercial or retail properties that are available for lease, it is important that you match the tenant as closely as possible to the key factors of the property, its location, and the landlord.  There are many factors to consider and questions to ask as part of that […]

Industrial Leasing

Commercial Property Agents – How to Qualify Industrial Property Tenants

The best way to enter the commercial property market as an agent or salesperson is perhaps at the level of industrial property.  That is because industrial property is easy to understand and not overly complex when it comes to leasing or selling.  NB – You can get plenty of tips in industrial property leasing right […]

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