Why High Quality Listings are Always Better in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

You can focus on getting listings, or you can focus on getting quality listings in your location.  There is a big difference in levels of enquiry when it comes to those better listings in your location.  This observation is particularly important when you start your career.  Think about these questions:   Do you chase any […]

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How to Qualify and Service Buyers in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you have an investment buyer on your enquiry books or in your database for investment property, then work the person and their purchasing opportunity deeply in a relevant and real way.  Service them comprehensively; show them all of your listings that match their needs.  (NB – you can get our free course on commercial […]


How to Effectively Manage Your Commercial Real Estate Client Communications

In commercial real estate brokerage, you should have a significant database of qualified prospects and clients that you are working with comprehensively throughout the year. Regular contact into the database at a personal level will help you build the right relationships with the right people.   (NB – you can get our commercial real estate course […]

Marketing Solutions in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage that You Must Activate

As a commercial real estate agent or broker it is important that you market yourself and your skills comprehensively across your territory.  The brokerage that you work for only has a small part to play in the marketing process. Leave no stone un-turned when it comes to finding the property owners and business leaders that […]

Commercial Real Estate Agent Success Systems – Create a List of Qualified VIP Clients

As a commercial real estate agent, you would be well advised to grow your database quickly and strongly, as well as creating a short list of high value ‘VIP clients’.   In doing that, you can have a contact process for general prospects, as well as a special service and contact frequency for those VIP’s.  Approximately […]

Heavyweight Cold Calling Brings Prospecting Opportunity

In commercial real estate today you can get some heavyweight cold calling and prospecting opportunity from focusing on the quality properties in the market and the clients that require repeat business and service over time.  That being said, a degree of research is required to achieve a connection within that segment of the market. If […]

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