Unlocking Opportunities: A Guide for Commercial Real Estate Agents to Attract Investor Clients

A couple of client types are valuable and easily found in commercial real estate as part of prospecting for new business. They are the investors and business owners. Both categories of people will transact real estate for many different reasons. Make those groups your ‘source code’ for new listings. Talk to people in those groups […]

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Better Real Estate Questions for Results

When attracting new clients for commercial real estate brokerage, think about how you might interact with clients and prospects more effectively. Real estate questions help with that. Your confidence, relevance, and knowledge will be communicated to the other person through the quality of your inquiries. Nowadays, being “average” as an agent in commercial real estate […]


How Asking Better Questions Wins Listings

When it comes to working with any new client or prospect in commercial real estate, the quality of the questions that you ask will help you convert more new business. In addition, those questions will let you get to the point of the listing or marketing process faster. Better conversations will help you understand the […]

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Handy Call Questions for Canvassing New Business

In this property market, there is a real need to find new people as part of a pipeline approach to growing business leads and property transactions. Just about every agent or broker should be on the telephone each day talking to people about property needs and changes. Note: if you would like to get more […]


Clear Cut Sales Presentation Tactics in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

While every client in commercial real estate is potentially different; you need some base tactics to use in your sales presentations particularly when it comes to attracting and converting listings.  Those core tactics will help you with the client conversation or the sales pitch; the results are then easier to switch.  You could say that […]

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