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Top Real Estate Agent Planning

Where are you in your real estate career?   Would you like to give it a boost? You can do certain things in commercial real estate that will provide you with a market advantage. That is a real estate agent plan. When you do those special things regularly and then expand on them, the real estate […]


Rethink and Adjust Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Plan for This Year

Things change frequently in the commercial real estate industry.  On that basis it is wise to rethink your commercial real estate brokerage plan at a personal level.   Once per year you can create your business plan and then each month you can check its progress and compare trends to the facts of the market. In […]


Accuracy and Precision in Sales Planning for Real Estate Agents

This last week I have just been spending some time with a team of agents looking to build a better real estate business in 2014; to help with that we did a simple assessment of targets and goals at a personal level.  All the agents had to write some facts on paper as part of […]


Essential Career Planning for Commercial Real Estate Agents in 2014

With the commercial real estate market about to enter another year, now is the time to think about personal goals and targets.  With the commercial property market showing some solid activity in many towns and cities, there are some opportunities to be sourced by brokers and agents. We are now entering an ‘ordinary’ market.  That […]

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Commercial Real Estate Agents – Show Me Your Sales Plan

If you haven’t got a sales plan in commercial real estate brokerage, you’re a tourist.  Tourists don’t make a lot of money in the industry.  The top agents have a specific sales plan to drive their market share forward.  Now is a good time to consider your sales plan as the industry moves ahead through […]

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