Real Estate Marketing Trends

Real estate marketing trends today are shifting and changing, given that the current property market has begun its new cycle. The promotional channels you use can be more carefully selected, and the content and listings you publish should be optimised in all ways possible. Let’s look at that. Get the message out to your target […]


Seven Important Things to Do in Commercial Real Estate Marketing

When you work as a commercial real estate broker or agent, the marketing of your properties will (or should) always be happening, and that is certainly wise if you want more commissions.  However, as an industry specialist, your real estate profile and skill base are things that also require consistent focus and promotional system establishment. […]

Selling Yourself as a Commercial Real Estate Agent Expert

In commercial real estate agency, you are the first product to sell to your clients, prospects and market place.  Every salesperson must sell their relevance first, and do so in a comprehensive and professional way. In commercial property today, the prospects that we work with want to connect with good salespeople that really know the […]

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