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How to Negotiate Like a Pro in Real Estate

Let’s face a fundamental and ‘raw’ fact as real estate agents and brokers. Everything we do in commercial real estate every day involves several negotiation factors. It stands to reason that improving our negotiation skills will help each of us substantially with listings, transactions, and commissions. How can you move ahead with that? Practiced negotiation […]


Simple Ways to Handle Real Estate Price Objections Today

In commercial real estate, as an agent you will have many challenges with price objections across real estate transactions, listings, and inspections. Ultimately the buyer wants the best outcome for themselves and not a ‘fair’ outcome based on real estate market evidence. Somewhere in the transaction will be your client and their property requirements and […]


How to Successfully Present Real Estate Offers

When you have a commercial property listed for sale, the feedback system you develop for the client will be critical in several ways especially in presenting offers. First, you want them to be fully briefed on what you are doing and seeing. Secondly, You want the client to trust you as you proceed with their […]


What You Must Know Before Negotiating Anything

In commercial real estate sales and leasing today, it’s reasonable to expect some things to go wrong within a transaction, so as an agent, stay committed to the deal throughout the entire inspection, negotiation, and closing process. When you think a deal is done, there are still likely to be a number of outstanding issues […]


How to Get Faster Negotiation Results in Brokerage

The greater the number of listings that you have, or the more active you are in prospecting, there will be a corresponding lift in negotiation requirements across all things.   Some of those negotiations you can prepare for; others not so.  Time in the industry will help you negotiate more effectively, but you can fast track […]

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