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How to Create a Commercial Property Management Listing Kit

If you specialise in commercial or retail property management then you should have a listing kit with you to use at any time with clients and prospects.  Some of the kit can be in hard copy and the balance of the kit should be in the ‘cloud’ for ‘drawing down’ when you are talking to […]


Commercial Property Rental and Leasing Tips for Brokers and Agents

Commercial property rental requires a systematic approach to local real estate and businesses.  There are some essential tools and efficient methods to understand and use in this industry sector.  You can develop some of those tools specifically to tap into the right tenants and landlords in the property market or your locality. (NB – you […]

Market Research Solutions for Better Shopping Center Performance

With retail shopping centers today, every shop, tenant, and marketing program has to be matched into the customer base and demographic.  When you achieve that careful balance, you can grow sales turnover opportunity for each and every tenant.  That then strengthens the shopping center performance. (NB – you can get our retail and commercial property […]

How to Appraise Shopping Center Opportunities

When you manage, lease, or own a retail shopping center, the property evaluation process is quite important.  Each year as part of the property business plan you can update the property review and see what has changed. (NB – you can get our retail and commercial property training here) You can see where things may […]


A Simple System for Leasing More Commercial Property

The leasing process in commercial property today does not need to be complex. If you’re looking to identify more local leasing opportunities in your town or city, there are certain things that you should do as part of establishing your system of contact with both landlords and tenants. They need your help, and they are […]


New Business Toolkit for Commercial Property Leasing

When you work as a commercial leasing specialist, you need a few tools and business processes to help you with tenant and landlord attraction, interaction, and conversion. You never really know when you will need to talk about leasing opportunities with either of those groups of people. Be prepared in every way possible for the […]

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