How to Target Better Commercial Real Estate Agent Results

In commercial real estate brokerage, it is exciting to review if you are still on track with your targets and goals. See how you’ve done each day and what you could have done better. You can do the same assessment at the end of each week. Review can allow change, and commercial real estate as […]


The Number One Habit of Productive Real Estate Agents

You can do a lot of things in commercial real estate each day. The question is, ‘Are you doing the right things?’ Every day can be shaped and optimised if you take a deliberate approach to certain things. What is the most productive? In a few words, the ‘productive’ aspect of commercial real estate is […]


How a Real Estate Sales History Creates New Business

When you start working in a new area of a city or town in commercial real estate, there are facts from history that will help you find new clients and properties to list.  It all comes down to ‘history’.  That is the history of the area and the transactions within that area. So, how does […]

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An Emphasis on the Commercial Real Estate Tipping Point

When you work as an agent in commercial real estate brokerage, there are plenty of things to do on a regular basis. Somewhere in there will be a ‘tipping point’ where you can build your real estate business faster and with more success. In today’s podcast, we share some ideas about that fact and how […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Getting Results for Clients Today

In commercial real estate today the clients that we work with want one thing and that is in one word ‘results’.  It is the common thread that runs through everything in commercial real estate sales and leasing. Every client will have different criteria when it comes to ‘results’, however, the fact of the matter remains […]

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