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Strategy Plan for Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres are complex properties, requiring a reasonable degree of control and planning from both an investment perspective and property management. You have tenants, customers, local economic sentiment, and property design to consider. Shopping Centre managers must have experience in the property type and a solid foundation in the investment alternatives available. In addition, individual […]

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Step by Step Guide to a Retail Shopping Center Presentation

Let’s say that you have the chance of pitching and presenting your services on a good quality retail shopping center.  Your services could include Property Management, Asset Management, and Leasing.  There are many things to consider and talk about.  Great opportunities are waiting to be ‘tapped’. Get All Retail Property Facts The client will have […]

Chart – Asset Planning for Shopping Centers

Over the years I have seen many different challenges with Shopping Centers of all types in diverse cities and towns. ┬áRecently I was in Dubai, sharing that information and speaking at a conference on tenant mix and tenant retention strategies.   Retail Property Performance Plan As part of that┬áreview, we then built an Asset Plan […]

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