An In-depth Look at Retail Property Performance and Top Agents

I like working with retail shopping centers in leasing and tenant mix optimization.  It is an interesting and vibrant property type.  There are so many things that you can do and shape that will have a great impact on the future of a retail property both financially and physically.  Some agents focus only on retail […]

Leasing Standards and Opportunities in Retail Shopping Centers Today

In any town or city there will be a number of shopping centers serving the same customer base.  The retail properties will be of different size and location.  All of those retail properties will have leasing opportunities into the future.  Real estate brokers and agents can get involved from a leasing and tenant mix opportunity.  […]

Retail Shopping Center Leasing Tips

Every quality retail shopping center should have a well-defined leasing strategy and tenant mix plan.  To do otherwise would be foolhardy.  A retail property is a vibrant and dynamic property asset by lease type and occupancy demand.  Incorrect choices or lack of the right market information in a retail shopping center will directly flow through […]


How to be an Acknowledged Expert in Retail Property Leasing

When you lease or manage a retail property or shopping center, it is essential that you know your retail tenants and their intentions.  The relationship that you build with those tenants over time will help you with the process. It is no secret that the retail property market is under some pressure and change due […]

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