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Workflow Planning for Property Managers

Commercial and Retail property managers are very busy people most of the time.  The greater the number of buildings that they manage and tenants that are contained in those buildings, the busier things are. Planning your workflow is a good idea. Through all that activity and pressure, the best property managers will have a daily […]

Property Management

Optimized Business Systems for Commercial Property Management

It is a fact that commercial and retail property managers are extremely busy on most working days just finding the time to do ordinary things with properties, clients, landlords and tenants.  It is easy to get ‘swamped’ with distractions and diversions in property management.  Most property managers will know exactly what I am saying here […]


How to Create Better Property Management Agreements

When you are to enter into a new property management agreement with a client, there are a good number of things to think about and consider. The fact of the matter is that most properties have unique things to merge into the property management service. The client, the location, the tenant mix, and the lease […]

The Turning Point of Success in Commercial Property Management

If you are managing a commercial or retail property, you need some strategies to control things and particularly so with tenants, rental income, leases, vacancies, maintenance, and arrears.  The deeper you go within each topic, the more complex and active the issues. So, what is the turning point in property management control?  To answer the […]

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