Set Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Targets and Goals

We are coming to the start of a new financial year 2013-2014.  In fact, and as this article is being written we have just 4 weeks to go to the start of that financial year. Many of us in commercial real estate work to a financial year and not a calendar year when it comes […]

Conditioning Yourself for Sales Success

In commercial real estate, you will be doing many different things on a given day.  Some days and weeks will be quite pressured with new challenges and clients to serve. The challenges of the day can overtake all the good intentions that you may have made the night before to get things done.   Having […]


Attitude and Not Ego Wins More Listings in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency you see a variety of salespeople in the market.  Some have big ‘egos’ whilst others have ‘attitude’.  Don’t confuse the two as they can be and usually are very different. As agents and salespeople we need degrees of personal confidence to help us with the challenges of the job and […]

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