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How to Create Your Sales Plan Solution in Commercial Brokerage

Every commercial real estate agent should have a sales plan, as it will help them with focus and activity. It is very easy to be distracted or diverted in commercial brokerage in this market. There are just so many hours in the day, and that time is precious. What can you do with that? Half […]

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The Secrets to a World-Class Sales Plan in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, every broker and agent should have a sales plan that focuses activity into certain property types and client types each day. In this changing real estate market, a sales plan like that can help you engage with the right people in the right ways for the right reasons. In this […]

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Practical Sales Planning Strategies in Commercial Brokerage

Every agent in commercial real estate should have a sales plan to stick to each day when looking for listings, clients, and transaction opportunities.  It is the only way to get somewhere fast in the industry.  The random approach doesn’t work (nor should it).  The plan is action-driven, and most importantly, it helps the agent […]


How to Formulate a Strategy for a Career Investment Sales

You can work in commercial real estate ‘generally’, or you can work in the unique parts of the industry that offer opportunities.  Investment sales are the ‘opportunity zones’ for new business in your town or city; investigate that as a channel of real estate connection and service.  Where do you start with this? You, as […]


The 5 Point Sales Plan in Brokerage

It is too easy to ‘go with the flow’ as an agent in commercial real estate.  In other words, just letting things happen each day and adjusting around that.   Without a planned approach to people, properties, and connections, the real estate business gets quite ordinary.  Of course, there are times in the property market when […]


A Simple Sales Plan Approach for Brokerage Growth

In today’s podcast, John Highman shares three simple ways to get your sales plan established in your real estate business. Use the ideas to get more growth into your real estate business. Note: If you want more sales tips in brokerage, you can get them here in our free course content sent on email to […]

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