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Agent Sales Activity Plan

In professional selling and commercial real estate, the days you have before you are the most important. With the 12 hours you have ahead of you each day, every minute should be optimised to the actions that will bring you the best results. Build your real estate business by focusing on time and how you […]

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Learn the Fastest Ways to Sales Planning with Listings

In today’s video, I’d like to give you the ten (10) specific skill sets that all sales agents should possess in order to successfully grow their real estate business. What is the best place to begin with this? It really doesn’t matter which agency or brokerage you work for; rather, it matters what you do […]

Brokerage Sales

A Simple Formula for a Sales Plan

How do you create your brokerage sales plan? This solution is simple and easy. It splits things up into logical segments and activities. So let’s get started on that. The video in this article will also help you. Divide your region into geographically defined market categories. To make things easier, divide the zones into groups […]


Painless Daily Sales Plan for Brokers

In what ways can your sales strategy work for you, and how well does it collaborate results for you? Market your properties extensively, and communicate with your prospect list and other people on a daily basis. It is straightforward logic and procedure. Those regular connections and conversations assist you in generating new business opportunities. There is no […]

Career Team

Practical Sales Planning Strategies in Commercial Brokerage

Every agent in commercial real estate should have a sales plan to stick to each day when looking for listings, clients, and transaction opportunities.  It is the only way to get somewhere fast in the industry.  The random approach doesn’t work (nor should it).  The plan is action-driven, and most importantly, it helps the agent […]

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Sales Planning Process for Commercial Agents Today

As the property market shapes and changes, so to should your brokerage and agent sales plan. Things are shifting and different clients want help. Pressures exist and some people want to relieve that pressure. Remember that the investment properties and the people are still out there. Motivations are different certainly, however, you can work with […]

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