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How to Expand Your Business Potential with More Commercial Real Estate Sales

The property sales market is evolving. To advance in this commercial real estate cycle and particularly with sales, there are new things to do. It is time to get more progress for yourself as the new cycle of property unfolds. (Note: Become the commercial real estate expert. Join our online community today for more free […]


How to Reverse a Sales Slump

Don’t let a sales slump slow your business.  Stay on task and on focus to get to the people and build your listing bank.  In today’s podcast, John Highman shares ideas as to how you can turn around a slow down in your property market.

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How to Connect Successfully with More Commercial Property Clients

There are a few rules for improving your real estate business, and clients are at the centre of all things.    It doesn’t matter if you are focusing on sales, leasing, or property management, the client connection model must prevail.    The question then evolves about just how you connect with more new people.   In […]

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