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How to Attain Better Scores in Commercial Real Estate Sales

In commercial real estate brokerage sales, there are things that you can do to track your activities and your results when it comes to listings, clients, and property opportunities. It is a fact that every broker or agent should be tracking their activities and keeping score in commercial real estate sales. Understand where you are […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – A Behind the Scenes Look at Competitor Tracking

Have you ever thought about your competitors in commercial real estate brokerage?  If you are like many agents you will be thinking too much about your competitors and potentially letting that focus derail your personal efforts. The correct way to work in commercial real estate involves a degree of competitor monitoring, but a larger degree […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – A Brief Summary of How to Track Your Ratios and Results in Sales and Leasing

When you correctly track and measure your sales processes and prospecting activities in commercial real estate, you can see what is happening in the property market.  From that information, you can adjust your processes and efforts.  The equation is quite simple.  So you want to build your market share?  Focus on what is happening and […]

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