Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Look for the Local Property Changes to Find Better Listings

The best way to find new commercial real estate listing opportunities is to look for properties and businesses going through change.  Small changes observed will lead to fresh strategies and opportunities for real estate agents and brokers. (NB – you can get more free sales training in Commercial Real Estate in our Snapshot program right […]

Essential Rules for Database Pipelines in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

It is an established fact that most brokers and agents overlook the necessity for ongoing contact with prospects and clients. That being said, those agents ‘leave untapped commissions on the table’.  The best new real estate business will always come from the clients and the people that you have known for a considerable period of […]

Ways of Finding New Clients to Serve in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

New clients are the ‘bread and butter’ of commercial real estate brokerage.  The quality of the clients that you connect with and the addition of others to your database will help you grow your market share in your town or city.  The message is that you should be selective on finding and communicating with the […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Is Your Database Like an Emergency Room?

Given that a database is a critical component of commercial real estate brokerage, some agents don’t spend enough time in creating and managing their database.  Quite soon the information in it becomes quite ‘sick’ and almost ‘dead’.  We all have choices, but a good database is a must have for an agent or broker and […]


Finding More Sellers in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate you can make a lot of commissions working with property sellers.  This is the ‘traditional way’ of working with clients and marketing property.  If you work with good clients and quality listings then it is very hard not to succeed in the industry; that being said you must firstly attract the […]

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