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A Better Way to Set Strategic Priorities in Commercial Real Estate This Year

As this new property market ‘opens up’ and the people we work with require sales and leasing activity, the best way forward in brokerage involves setting and sticking to particular priorities. Commercial real estate will offer plenty of opportunities this year. Finding them is a matter of setting those priorities at a personal level. Top […]

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The Priorities in Brokerage that Can Change Everything

Each day in commercial real estate brokerage, so many things can take your focus or pressure you to reset your priorities.  That is the nature of the business.  Through all of that, you still have choices regarding connecting with people and choosing what you do during the day.  The choices that you make are the […]

Time Management Facts that You Cannot Overlook

In today’s podcast, you can see how important your time is your success in brokerage sales and leasing.  You can also see the importance of your time in property management (albeit different).  Take the ideas from today’s program and modify how you do things each day so you get better results with the things that […]

The Things I Have Learned About in Setting Priorities in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In working in commercial real estate in your town or city, you will soon understand that you can be very busy in many different ways. The important thing here is that you are setting the right priorities and choosing the right tasks to work on every day.  The right tasks are those that can lead […]

Top Priorities for a Commercial Real Estate Broker

If you have chosen commercial real estate as a career, it is essential that you set your priorities and focus your actions on critical tasks.  There are many diversions and pressures when it comes to being a commercial real estate agent.  The priorities that you set and the actions that you take will help you […]

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