A Game Plan for Retail Shopping Center Tenant Prospecting

Finding the right retail tenants to lease shops within your shopping centre can be quite a special process.  It is a matter of finding the right tenant for the location and the tenancy mix.  Every shop is different; every shopping centre is unique.  Your prospecting model for finding new tenants should be carefully crafted. When […]

Retail Shop Leasing Agents – The Perfect Cure to Help You Lease More Shops

In retail shopping center management and leasing, the threat of a vacant shop and the associated loss of rent can always be a major problem in rental cash flow for your landlord clients.  The older the property, the more challenging the tenant mix and ongoing sales results can be. The size of the retail shop […]

Leasing Standards and Opportunities in Retail Shopping Centers Today

In any town or city there will be a number of shopping centers serving the same customer base.  The retail properties will be of different size and location.  All of those retail properties will have leasing opportunities into the future.  Real estate brokers and agents can get involved from a leasing and tenant mix opportunity.  […]

Better Ways to Lease Shops to Small Retailers

In a shopping center leasing program you are likely to be working with many smaller tenants, some of whom are likely to be a simple ‘family business’.  In saying that you should have some ‘checks and balances’ to fall back on to ensure that you totally understand the value and commitment the smaller tenants can […]

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