A Complete Guide to Shopping Center Operations

The daily operations and management of a Shopping Center is a complex process. In this audio program, John Highman talks about the important systems and strategies to control as part of Shopping Center Operations. Learn about the strategies of a team and the roles that they play in the management and running of a retail […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Retail Shopping Center Operations

The operations behind a retail shopping center are a bit like that of a large cruise ship or liner with thousands of people on board as they move in and around the zones of the vessel.  People want to feel comfortable and safe as they enjoy the ‘journey’. (NB – you can get our Retail […]

A Basic Guide to Shopping Center Operations and Management

When you manage and lease shopping centers, the inspection process is a regular daily event.  Given the number of tenants and customers moving through a property on an average trading day, there are lots if issues to monitor including risk and liability. Most shopping centers will have a ‘Maintenance Manager’ and perhaps a small team […]

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