Listing Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, your major focus should be attracting and converting listings. That requires a specific process and a definite amount of effort. Your market share will grow when you can attract listings regularly and consistently over time. That being said, exclusivity matters regarding the property listing process and client interaction. You simply […]

Role Play Ideas for Commercial Real Estate Teams

There are many things that you can and should practice in commercial real estate brokerage. Some of those things will impact your conversions when it comes to listings, clients, and transactions. Practice is a good thing when it comes to building your career and the results that you seek.   Team Meetings and Practice As […]

Property Management

Here are 15 of the Best Tools and Systems to Use in Commercial Property Management

Commercial and Retail Property Management is a special part of the property industry. The right skills and the right people should be deployed to any quality property and client. When it comes to managing any major project then the top people with hands-on experience should be matched to others in the team who can learn […]

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