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Five Routines of Success in Commercial Real Estate

If you are looking to get great results in your real estate business, then take the time to have an in-depth look at your work systems and activities.  The best agents work to a method, and then they refine it over time.  The plan they work to will likely be relevant to them and their […]

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Simple Success Planning in Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are things to think about and do that can help you build your real estate business faster. The random approach in brokerage can waste a lot of time. The specific approach is much more valuable over longer term. Note: If you want more free resources in commercial real estate […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Planning to Win Faster

Most commercial real estate agents enter the property industry with a good deal of optimism and some relevant knowledge.  From that point onwards the reality of the property market sinks in.  Hard work is required at a personal level to create good listings and commissions; the brokerage that you work for only has a small […]


Success Tips in Commercial Real Estate Agency This Year

In any property market there are likely to be many agents chasing the same client or property listing at any one time.  In many cases that ‘chasing’ process may have started months if not years ago.  You can see why personal relationships in this market are so important.  Your database is a big part of […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Choose Your Friends and Influence Your Market

We all dislike negative people that drag themselves and you down.  Isn’t that right?  In commercial real estate agency, your negative work colleagues can also influence your thinking.  You should choose who you relate to and socialise with.  Don’t let the ‘stinking thinking’ of others in the market stifle your efforts. In most cases the […]

Top Commercial Real Estate Agents Skill Mix – Be the Best at What You Do

It is no secret that the commercial real estate market has changed a fair bit over the last few years.  That being said, the leases and sales are still going through albeit in a different way.  New skills are required for commercial real estate agents to drive each transaction forward to a positive result.   […]

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