Sales Data Analysis Rules in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, it is important if not critical to maintain accurate local sales data relating to the location, the precincts, the building types, and the brokerages. In that way, you as the broker or agent can fully observe trends and changes.  You can then adjust your prospecting and negotiation models. (NB – […]


The Ways to Improve Your Key Activities in Commercial Real Estate Leasing

There are many ways to improve personally in commercial real estate leasing.  The property market is always under factors of change and on that basis you as the leasing agent can change with it in ways to help you grow market share.  Track and measure the factors of change in your property market that are […]

Agents Tap Into The Changes and Opportunities of the Commercial Real Estate Market Today

If you work in commercial real estate brokerage, you will soon understand that the property marketplace changes regularly and frequently throughout the year. There are also changes that occur across the investment cycle that are identifiable and somewhat predictable over a number of years. Essentially prices and rents with commercial property will change based on […]

Specialization Builds Better Market Share for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Let’s say you are starting up in an area or a town or city as a commercial real estate agent or broker.  It is a wise strategy to focus down on a property type within your location so you can build your real estate business more effectively and directly. Some agents do things the ‘wrong […]

Property Management

Pitching and Presenting High Quality Commercial Property Management Services

A property management presentation is something that you may do for a number of reasons.  It could be to win a listing or a new client, or it could be to summarise the performance of a property.  With any larger office or retail property you could be presenting to the client monthly or quarterly about […]


Commercial Real Estate Leasing Agent – Form a Plan of Action for Building Market Results

As a commercial real estate leasing agent it pays for you to have a plan of action that keeps you on track with your clients and prospects.  In an ideal world there is a tenant match for every vacancy.  It is just a matter of knowing enough landlords and tenants. So why have a plan […]

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