Email or Letter Template for Industrial Land Sale Promotion

In promoting an industrial property for sale, there are different channels of media to use. A combination of media works well. This letter or email template helps sell industrial land and any pre-release. The strategy here is to use the template (suitably edited for the actual property) and send it as an email or direct […]


Activities Planner Template for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents

When you consider the different things that we do each day in commercial real estate, there are plenty of diversions and distractions.  There are always issues to contend with involving clients, listings, and transactions. It doesn’t matter whether you are working in sales, leasing, or property management; there will be pressures for you to deal […]

Enquiry Form Template for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

In this ‘computerized’ world the concept of ‘writing things down’ is still very important.  It is a well-known fact in psychology that the act of writing notes and capturing ideas in that way is a proven method of preparing the brain to take action.  The concept when understood can be optimized by brokers and agents.  […]


Top Broker Formula Worksheets Download

I have put this template together to help my online friends have a serious look at what they are doing in commercial real estate business activities today and how that can be improved. Consider the property market in your town or city.  How are the elements of the market coming together for you in sales […]

real estate team meeting

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