Property Management

12 Proven Strategies for Tenant Management and Optimization in Commercial Office Buildings

When you manage or lease a commercial office tower or building with multiple tenants in occupancy, there are things to look for and watch as part of keeping the tenant(s) under control.  You could say that the concept is a very important part of maintaining property performance and cash flow for the landlord. So the […]

Property Management

Commercial Property Managers – 15 Ways to Establish New Property Controls and Systems

If you are to take on a new property under management, you really do need to assess current issues quickly.  Look for the challenges in the asset and understand the landlord pressures and targets.  Ask plenty of questions. Every property is unique and different.  You cannot take anything for granted.  A successfully managed property is […]

How to Control Retail Tenants in Shopping Center Management

If you lease and manage retail shopping centres you will know the high value of meeting with your tenants on a regular basis.  In most retail properties that will be at least once per month.  Regular meetings with your tenants can help you control issues and predict problems; you can also improve occupancy issues with […]

Control Your Tenants in a Shopping Center Management

It is a fact that tenants in a retail shopping center will talk among themselves and share comments about the property performance (or their perception of it).  For this reason you as a Shopping Center Manager really do need to keep your tenants under control in a positive way; communication and information will help you […]

Property Management

Commercial Real Estate Tenants Must be Controlled for Top Property Performance

In commercial property management don’t let your tenants get out of control.  Stay close to your tenants and ahead of their intentions.  The tenants in your managed properties are the lifeblood of the income and the property performance. So many times I see property managers get very busy with ever more properties and more tenants; […]

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