Commercial Property Information Form for Property Managers

When you inspect a commercial property (office, industrial, or retail), there are a few things to consider, investigate, and gather facts from. That would typically be information from tenants, landlords, leases, and location. There are many people to talk to and get information from. The best way to approach commercial real estate information and gathering […]


Useful Checklist for Leasing Commercial Property

When it comes to leasing commercial or retail there are a good number of things to work through to optimise the vacancy marketing, the inspections, and the negotiations. A plan or strategy is best developed to resolve that. (Note: If you would like more ideas in leasing premises in commercial property, you can get them […]

Industrial Podcast

Broad Use Checklist for Industrial Property Sites

In today’s podcast we share the ideas and strategies behind industrial property site selection questions that you can apply to tenants and owner occupiers as part of your sales and leasing services in your town or city. Use these ideas and then add to them based on your location and the specialist property types that […]


A Tenant Mix Formula to Improve Your Leasing Services

When leasing commercial property today, you have two directions in which you can head. You can just rent out the empty space, or you can take the whole property and the mix of tenants into account. The second option is better because those things can help the landlord get the most out of his or […]


A Supply of Tenant Leads in Commercial Property

When you lease commercial properties you want (or should have) and system that keeps you close to local businesses so you can know what they are thinking and doing regards occupancy of property. Note: If you want more ideas for commercial real estate leasing, you can get them for free here in our online course. […]

Brokerage Leasing

Commercial Property Agents – Lease Handover Systems for Today

In commercial property, the handover of premises is a critical time to take note of important issues and matters requiring attention. These notes can later support the tenant or the landlord in any matters of debate or dispute. There is a handover process at the beginning of occupancy and again at the end of the occupancy. In […]

Leasing Property Management

Commercial Property Agents – Tenant Move in Procedures that Work

When you negotiate a lease in commercial or retail property management, the next stage of the process will be moving the tenant into the property.  Uncontrolled tenant movement creates chaos, and can potentially disrupt other tenants in the tenant mix.  Professionalism is required of the leasing manager and the property manager as they move the […]

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