Leasing Property Management

Ways of Attracting High-Quality Landlord Clients

Commercial and retail property landlords generally want just two things.  When you satisfy those two things, you typically have a client for life. So, what do landlords want from agents?  In the first instance, they are looking for tenants to fill vacancies. So, it directly follows that if you as an agent know plenty of […]

Brokerage Leasing

How to Grow Leasing Business in Commercial Property

There are always plenty of opportunities for growth and change in commercial and retail property leasing.  There are tenants, business owners, and landlords to connect with.  Local area marketing will help you do that.  You can also have a focus down on property types and local businesses.  Start your plan of contact with these ideas […]


This Leasing and How Easy It Is as a Career

This could be the simplest and most effective new business idea that you have seen in commercial and retail property leasing. It is however very effective and just takes a few systems to establish in a real estate marketing approach in your location. Note: If you want more ideas in leasing property, you can get […]


The Secrets to Success in Commercial Property Leasing

The leasing part of our industry is full of commission and leasing opportunities. You can refine your skills and focus to work with local landlords and tenants on quality properties. There are plenty of things that you can do in commercial real estate leasing when it comes to engaging with landlords and tenants deeply regards […]


Reaching New Standards with Commercial Real Estate Leasing Solutions for Landlord Clients

There are some very special ways for you as a broker or agent to offer commercial and retail leasing services to landlords and tenants.  You can and should optimize your leasing services, because you will get some much more back in future opportunities. In this commercial real estate podcast and audio program, you will learn […]

How to Reach Leasing Expert Status for Your Career in Commercial Property Leasing

A career in commercial and retail property leasing can be very rewarding if you focus on the market segments of landlords and tenants separately.  Either client base can give you opportunities in property leasing. The larger corporate tenants are always on the lookout for specialist leasing help.  You can work for them as a tenants […]

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