Clever Workflow Plans for Leasing Agents

There is always a good level of real estate leasing business to be found today. Look for the investment properties in your location and serve the owners with vacancy solutions. Most towns or cities will have a broad selection of buildings for you to consider as part of brokerage leasing. Break down your territory into […]


The Seven Commercial Real Estate Leasing Mistakes to Avoid

With a career in commercial real estate leasing, there are some rules to follow and actions to take just about every working day.  If you are a leasing agent, then there are some things to think about here so you can build your leasing momentum and fill up your pipeline of opportunities.  Who are your […]

Industrial Leasing

Commercial Property Agents – How to Qualify Industrial Property Tenants

The best way to enter the commercial property market as an agent or salesperson is perhaps at the level of industrial property.  That is because industrial property is easy to understand and not overly complex when it comes to leasing or selling.  NB – You can get plenty of tips in industrial property leasing right […]

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