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How to Fix High Workloads in Commercial and Retail Property Management

It is no secret that commercial and retail property managers can get very busy across a wide array of matters relating to tenants, clients, and property activity.  The larger the property, the greater the potential issue. The best property managers are excellent managers of their portfolio workloads and tasks.  That doesn’t mean of course that […]

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Step by Step Guide to a Retail Shopping Center Presentation

Let’s say that you have the chance of pitching and presenting your services on a good quality retail shopping center.  Your services could include Property Management, Asset Management, and Leasing.  There are many things to consider and talk about.  Great opportunities are waiting to be ‘tapped’. Get All Retail Property Facts The client will have […]

Property Management

The Real Benefits of a Tenant Retention Plan in Commercial and Retail Property Management

A tenant retention program in commercial and retail property management is a valuable leasing and asset management service.  From such a program, you can drive more leasing fees, and keep a client relatively happy with their investment opportunities and property performance over time. The retention strategy ensures that all preferred tenants in occupancy are encouraged […]

Property Management

How to Manage a Shopping Center for Improved Results

Most shopping centres have challenges in some form or another.  When you look at all the issues of the typical retail property, there are things to watch and shape over time.  Control is important; the focus of the Shopping Centre Manager is or should be part of that.  The Landlord owner of the property is […]

Why Tenant Service Managers are Valuable in Shopping Center Management

In commercial property management, tenant communication is critical on an array of things.  Every day there will be issues in and around the managed property that will impact occupancy and or building use.  The greater the number of buildings that you manage, the more complex the problem.  (NB – you can get plenty of shopping […]

How to Break New Ground in Commercial Property Management

There are a couple of things about commercial property management that should be said here.  Firstly, the segment of the industry is very lucrative as a source of sales and leasing brokerage business over the long term.  Secondly, the property management services required today in servicing a client are comprehensive. (N.B. these ideas are also […]

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