Shopping Centre Management Videos

How to Review a Shopping Centre Tenant Mix to Solve Vacancies

In retail shopping centres today, there are quite a few vacancies to handle given the changes in the property market. In saying that, there are some business types that are in real demand when it comes to consumer interest and retail property leasing. All of these vacancies are a good thing because it allows investors […]

Resolving the Opportunities of the Tenant Mix in Shopping Malls

When it comes to leasing, and managing any shopping centre, take the time to establish and implement a tenancy mix and tenant retention process; it is a wise business strategy to use to boost property and retail performance. (NB – you can get plenty of tenant mix tips for retail shopping malls in our Snapshot […]


21 Ways to Manage a Shopping Center Successfully

To successfully manage a retail shopping center, a good degree of knowledge and a lot of systems are required.   Knowledge comes with time and systems come with experience; a good manager can do a lot for a retail property over time. A property manager taking on any retail shopping center should have the experience from […]

Shopping Center Strategic Planning Advantages

If you are involved in retail shopping center performance and or leasing you will know the importance of planning the retail center effectively and directly.  In every location, town or city there will be things to consider when it comes to the average retail property, keeping it occupied, and building on the tenant mix. If […]

The Right Way to Do a Tenant Mix Analysis in Retail Property or Shopping Centers

Tenant mix analysis is a critical part of property performance.  That is certainly the case in a retail property.  The correct tenant decisions will underpin property income, customer sales, and lower the vacancy rate. When you are involved in managing or leasing a shopping center, the tenant mix planning and strategy process will form part […]

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