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Tenant Mix Analysis in Shopping Centres

Here is a video explaining the approach to shopping centre analysis. Always start your property analysis from the tenant base and look at occupancy issues as part of that. The decisions on the smaller speciality tenants come after the placement of the anchor tenants and the big tenants. They’ll be perfect for the empty storefronts […]

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Essential Leasing Tips for a Retail Food Court

A successful and varied food court in a retail shopping centre can be a real attraction factor for your customers and shoppers. The tenant mix in the food court should be a ‘magnet’ for customers to visit and stay longer in the property. Better tenants and attractive fit outs or signage sustain the interest of […]

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How to Solve Tenant Mix Problems in Shopping Centres

When you are leasing a shopping centre and solving vacancy problems, the tenant mix should be optimized with the right tenants in the right locations. It is not just about finding one tenant for one location. It is about taking a ‘global perspective’ for the property and the ultimate retail targets that you are trying […]

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How to Review a Shopping Centre Tenant Mix to Solve Vacancies

In retail shopping centres today, there are quite a few vacancies to handle given the changes in the property market. In saying that, there are some business types that are in real demand when it comes to consumer interest and retail property leasing. All of these vacancies are a good thing because it allows investors […]


A Tenant Mix Formula to Improve Your Leasing Services

When leasing commercial property today, you have two directions in which you can head. You can just rent out the empty space, or you can take the whole property and the mix of tenants into account. The second option is better because those things can help the landlord get the most out of his or […]

How to Review a Retail Shopping Center Tenant Mix for Performance and Opportunity

When you are to lease or manage a retail shopping center, there are questions to ask and investigate.  There are plenty of things to look into with the tenant selection process, retail sales, income streams, vacancies in the mix, the tenant offering, and customer interaction. This shopping centre tenant mix chart will help you walk […]


Creating a High Level Needs Analysis with Retail Shopping Center Leasing and Tenant Mix Assessments

When it comes to managing and leasing any retail shopping center today, it is quite important to undertake a needs analysis within the tenancy mix on a regular basis. That needs analysis will take into account the location factors of the property, the investment requirements of the landlord, the tenancy mix challenges, and the interests […]

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A Simple Custom Designed Tenant Mix Strategy in Commercial Investment Property

In commercial and retail property management today, it is essential that you have a custom designed tenancy mix review process underway.  In any complex property with a number of tenants in occupation (i.e. Retail Shopping Centres or high rise Office buildings), that tenant mix process should be unique to the building taking into account the […]


The Secrets to a High Quality Retail Tenant Mix in a Shopping Center

When you are involved with a shopping centre from a leasing or management perspective, the tenant mix is something that you will spend a lot of time on.  Given that most leases exist for a number of years the changes to tenant and lease location take time to implement.  The changes that you make to […]

Accurate Tenant Mix Strategies in Shopping Centers

Retail leasing and particularly in shopping centers are specialised parts of our property industry. Those of us that know the processes would probably say that it is a most interesting part of the business.  I would agree. Some retail leasing specialists make very large brokerage commissions because they are focusing on some if not all […]

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