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Wise Time Management Techniques in Shopping Centre Management

In shopping centre management and leasing, you have perhaps the most intense type of job with plenty of things going on every day.  Time management and focus is important. Here are some methods of control to keep your business day organised in retail shopping centre management. What is the issue here? There are plenty of […]

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Focus Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, it is easy to get diverted and distracted.  Each day is a new ‘playing field’ of facts, situations, clients, and properties.  Everyone wants some of your time, and that can be a real challenge to work through.  It is so easy to do what other people request of you.  At […]


How to Win Tons of New Customers with Better Time Management

In commercial real estate brokerage, understand the value of your time and the resource that is available to you every day. How you use your time will greatly impact the results that you achieve in brokerage, listings, commissions, and client database. So where do you start? Essentially, devote some time to connecting with new people […]


Time Management and Focus Rules in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Don’t complicate your real estate day.  Plan it and control it; you are the person in charge.  The degree to which you control the business day will largely impact your results.  Given that you work on some form of commission and or a reward based remuneration, your working hours each day and how you spend […]


10 Critical Time Management Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Agents

It is very easy in commercial real estate to waste a lot of time.  People will flow in and out of your day asking questions and wanting meetings; on top of those issues you will have plenty of work to get done.  How you respond to those requests and work pressures will impact your results.  […]


Quality Commercial Real Estate Agents Do This

In commercial real estate you have plenty of choices as to what you can do every day as a broker or an agent.  That being said, you should seek to improve the ‘quality’ of your activity so that the right things happen in your results. By ‘quality’ I mean those things that are most important […]

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Make Every Minute Count in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate the time that we have available each day will always be under pressure from clients, deals, and administrative procedures.  We all want more sales and leasing opportunities.  So how do we get them?  It is a matter of balancing available time and important issues so we can achieve real results in […]

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