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How to Become a Pro Sales Agent

In commercial real estate today, there are plenty of ‘paths’ to take when it comes to particular property types or locations to work. Where can yo become a ‘pro’ sales agent? Think about your city and your territory. Make some choices. This video today will help you understand the process. It is time for action. […]


How to be a Productive Agent Today

New property requirements and real estate challenges will always emerge from conversations with locals. The more questions you ask of more people, the more property situations evolve. If someone needs help with property sales, leasing, or management, you’re the person they should turn to. So, you want them to remember you. How can you improve […]

The 4 Secrets of Top Agent Performance in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Top agents and top brokers are a breed unto themselves.  They create their success and momentum through deliberate efforts.  It is a formula to be respected, replicated and refined. Here below is a Top Agent Infographic to help you work on self-improvement in commercial real estate brokerage. Top Agent Focus Infographic It’s the time of […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – You Can Do It

When you look around your commercial real estate market, it is easy to see the agents that are really attracting the good listings and making the commissions.  Remember that those agents started off at the ‘bottom of the market’ just like everyone else.  The difference between those ‘top agents’ and everyone else is usually in […]


Breakthrough Listing Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Brokers Today

When it comes to pitching and presenting to a client for a property listing in commercial real estate, you need to ‘read between the lines’ and position your proposal accordingly.  Many of the clients that you work with will not be totally open and honest with you at the first stages of communication and connection.  […]

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