Commercial Real Estate Broker Prospecting – Shortlist a Selection of Top Clients and Quality Properties

When you consider your property market and particularly the commercial properties in your location, there will be a good selection of quality clients and quality properties for you to work on.  You can and should shortlist a number of those clients and properties for future focus within your prospecting activities.  Determine where the best levels […]


Quality Clients Mean Better Commissions in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The quality of your client base in commercial real estate brokerage will have a direct reflection on your commissions.  So the real issue is how do you attract and serve the top clients of the market?  How do you get those clients to change agent or broker? The answer to these questions is found in […]

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Quality Clients in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage are Essential

Quite often today I see a commercial real estate brokers overlooking the value of their database.  They forget about contacting the clients and prospects that they have previously connected with.  Given that our industry is based on relationships and networking, the client contact process is quite important to growth of market share. There are many […]

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