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How to Be a Major Player with New Business

In commercial real estate brokerage, the systems that you apply to your real estate day will help you get more traction with listings and clients. As simple as it seems, there are some disciplines to apply to your real estate day. In this podcast today, we help you with those agent actions and real estate […]


The Mindset of Top Commercial Real Estate Agents Today

In today’s commercial real estate market, there are plenty of things going on. In saying that, there are plenty of opportunities for the top agents to pursue and optimise. The share market is no longer the investment channel of activity that people want to play in. Commercial real estate is now offering excellent stability and […]

Good Agents Take Time to Think and Plan

In commercial real estate agency each day you will find that things will change or pressures will occur.  On that basis, it is very easy to be redirected or challenged when it comes to getting things done.  As real estate agents, we need to stick to a plan.  We must be in charge of our […]

Expand Your Knowledge in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

As you have chosen a career in commercial real estate, it is best that you continually expand your knowledge relative to your local area and chosen property type.  It is the knowledge that will help you win the business and the clients in both sales and leasing.  Here are some tips from our Newsletter. When […]

Top Commercial Real Estate Agents Skill Mix – Be the Best at What You Do

It is no secret that the commercial real estate market has changed a fair bit over the last few years.  That being said, the leases and sales are still going through albeit in a different way.  New skills are required for commercial real estate agents to drive each transaction forward to a positive result.   […]

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