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Why Video Marketing is Important for Real Estate Agents

Why should real estate agents use video marketing? A quick answer to this question is that real estate video marketing can help agents stand out from their competitors. Videos can also help them make connections with prospective property buyers and sellers. Ultimately, they can sell more properties using videos. According to surveys by NAR- the […]


How to Optimize Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing Online

In taking your commercial property listing to the market, there are some advertising decisions to be made, and some marketing channels to be used. Some promotional ideas are better than others. In this video today, we take you into the online marketing alternatives to help you get better results from your property listings. Ultimately you […]

How to Increase Website Traffic in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you have plenty of people coming to your brokerage website you can get or create more enquiry across your listings.  That is a good target to work with.  It thereby follows that a goal of real estate marketing is to grow a solid ‘footprint’ of interest online and to do so wherever possible. The […]

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