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Winning Agent Listing Setup

In commercial real estate brokerage, you can improve your listing conversions substantially if you get organized. The significant advantage here is that many agents are not good at that and have a random approach to listings or presentations. Hence, it leaves things wide open for agents who can control it all. Control creates leverage and […]

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A Guide to Getting More Clients in Commercial Real Estate Now

As the property market shifts and changes, the systems of contact that you use in your real estate business will be the ‘backbone’ of the growth of market share and listings. In today’s podcast, we give you some facts and ideas that you can use in your real estate day, specifically to find those clients […]


Commercial Real Estate Agent Listing Conversion Rules

In commercial real estate agency, the listings that you have for sale are the lifeblood of your future income opportunities.  This then says that you must have a good supply of listings and you must know what you are doing with them.  The generic approach does not work.  Get specific in your listing marketing processes. […]

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