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Tenant Mix Analysis in Shopping Centres

Here is a video explaining the approach to shopping centre analysis. Always start your property analysis from the tenant base and look at occupancy issues as part of that.

The decisions on the smaller speciality tenants come after the placement of the anchor tenants and the big tenants. They’ll be perfect for the empty storefronts and extra foot traffic surrounding major thoroughfares.

Tenant Placement

Value for speciality tenants is maximised when they are located near the major tenants they serve. Customers will travel specifically to speciality tenants if their product or service is exceptional. Pick niche-market businesses that have already established themselves in other settings.

Convenience store shopping is the next step in the tenancy placement process. Convenience stores focus on meeting the basic requirements of their communities by selling items like food, bread, newspapers, meat, and produce. They are typically located near the supermarket that serves as the anchor tenant.

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Choose proven retailers in your shopping centre

Retail Property Access

The parking lot must allow easy and secure entry and exit from the premises. Customers won’t return to a location if they don’t feel comfortable there.

From the convenience of the shopping centre parking lot, take a stroll around your property as a shopper. How would a person move around the property and where will they come from?

Put yourself in the shoes of a shopper and experience the shops as one would. For a shopping centre to succeed, it must be both accessible and updated.

The shopping event should leave shoppers and visitors with a positive retail impression. It’s important to eliminate or at least minimise their potential for frustration in purchasing goods and services.

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