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Tenant Targets in Retail Shopping Center Leasing

The retail part of the investment property market is quite special given the types of landlord clients and the tenants you must work with and help.  I have said many times before, that ‘retail’ is unique as a property type, given the occupancy factors that influence leasing decisions in shopping centres and stand alone ‘shops’.

Brokers and agents require clarity in knowing just who clients and tenants should be, and the types of premises that are the focus of renting and leasing efforts.

Retail Shop Leasing Chart

If you are working as a ‘retail leasing specialist’, then it is wise to review your prospecting systems and tenant database at the earliest stages.  Get to know the owners of the quality properties in your region, and help them with vacancies pending or known.  

Use your database of retail and shop tenants as the ‘leverage’ to attract landlords with their vacancy lettings and listing requirements.

Behind the shopping centre performance equation there will always be preferences for tenant selection, lease terms and conditions, as well as rental standards.  That is where your retail skills and tenant database is valuable.  

Pitch your retail leasing services on the basis and depth of your tenant database and contact cycle.  It is hard for landlords to avoid an agent with a comprehensive and up to date tenant list.

To help with your leasing targets, you can use my retail shop leasing chart.  You can get it below.

retail shop leasing chart
Retail Shop Leasing Chart for Brokers and Agents

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