The 4 Essential Factors of Commercial Real Estate Agent Performance

Results that you achieve in commercial real estate brokerage will largely be driven by factors of personal performance. In essence to achieve good results in the industry you are bringing together personal stamina, mindset, and professional business skills. When you really understand that process, you can improve your focus and momentum in the market place.

It takes some agents a few years to really grasp the way to approach the property market and the industry.  It is then a question of if they have the business skills and focus to make things happen.  We all have choices and we can take deliberate steps to improve personal performance.

Here are some strategies to help you improve personally as an agent or broker:

  1. Physical and Conversational – how you look and feel will have a lot to do with the image you portray to your clients and prospects. It is a well-known fact that we are judged by our clients and peers through our appearance first and foremost; after that point they will listen to what you have to say. Those factors will be assessed in the first few minutes of a meeting or as we enter the room to meet a client or prospect. On that basis you do need to portray and project confidence physical presence. Exercise and healthy eating habits will help you achieve that.  You can also improve your communication skills by role playing client contact issues in your  team meetings.
  2. Clear thinking – many property listings and property challenges will take creativity and focus. Simplify your work practices to focus on just the important parts of the business and most particularly marketing, prospecting, inspections, and negotiation. When something seems confusing or complex in any property negotiation, the best strategy is to step back and remove the pressure from the moment. Consider all of the alternatives to the negotiation and how those alternatives will be viewed by the parties to the deal. Choose the best outcome and the best strategy to take the deal further.
  3. Listing Quality – focus on the high quality properties first and foremost. Those high quality listings should be exclusively marketed in the local area through a well-structured campaign. When you control the listing stock exclusively, you attract far more enquiry and will find it easy to convert listings and find property investors.
  4. Taking action – when you get busy with new listings, clients and marketing, diversions and distractions can become a real problem. Without some deliberate focus on the most important tasks and issues, you will find that listings and market share will suffer. Understand the most important tasks that need to be done to help you grow your real estate business. Those tasks will should be merged into your business practices each and every day. If you like, you could call this personal action or performance system. If you implement the system every day, it will help you compound the results that you achieve.


The commercial real estate industry can be highly rewarding for both agents and brokers. I have seen many cases where individual agents have struggled with focus and personal performance. Whilst this will happen to all of us at some stage in our careers, you can take steps to redirect your focus and improve your activities.

Just about all of the results that you want to achieve in the industry throughout your career will be through personal effort and personal performance. Don’t take too long to understand that fact and implement the right processes as early as possible to help.

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