commercial real estate broker skills

I have spoken at many conferences around the World to Brokers and Agents over the last 15 years about personal skills and focus.  I know that there are just 6 key skills that really matter in our industry, and I tend to encourage brokers to deal with that and address the improvement opportunities personally.

When those 6 skills are honed and improved, the real estate business, the listings, and the commissions get a lot easier.   (NB – you can get plenty of broker skill tips in Snapshot right here – its free).


Your Real Estate Career Skills

So a career in commercial real estate brokerage can in my opinion be focused down to just 6 things at a personal level.  Just think how good things could be for you if those 6 things were optimized?

I have used this chart in a number of conferences this year to talk about this very point.  You can get the chart as a download below.  Assess your own skills in each of the categories.  Start an improvement process and importantly, practice.

commercial real estate broker skills
Hone your 6 key skills in commercial real estate brokerage.