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There are plenty of things that you can do in commercial real estate brokerage to market a property. There are also specific things that you can do to market yourself as a specialist in the location for a particular property type. In saying that, the direct mail process works very well as a marketing tool in balance with a number of other marketing strategies that you can deploy in your brokerage career.

In today’s podcast, you can learn how to use the direct mail process as part of your new business and marketing model as a broker or agent in your location. You can learn how to create more conversations with the targeted people in your location. Conversations lead to opportunities over time.

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What conversations can you create today in your real estate business? Listen to the podcast and you can learn how to build a direct mail marketing model. Find the right people in your targeted groups to talk to. Those groups could be:

  • Property investors or buyers
  • Sellers and or owners of local property
  • Property developers
  • Tenants seeking to relocate their business

Listen to the podcast and use these ideas to establish a direct mail marketing program in your real estate business. The opportunities are real and available to those that take action.