The Art of Real Estate Marketing Today

There are many ways to reach out to your location and target audiences to encourage enquiry in real estate today.  And the enquiry process is really what it is all about.  Real estate marketing is an art form to be optimised over time.

Talk to more people regarding property listing and selling or leasing.  Everything in property promotion today comes down to reaching out to people. 

local area marketing chart for agents
Local Area Marketing Chart for Real Estate Agents

Channels of Promotion

How good are you at marketing yourself and your listings?  What channels of communication do you use for that?  It is time to think about processes and opportunities for agents today.  There are always ways to improve your penetration of promotions.

Today’s marketing channels involve traditional and more recent online approaches.  Think about this list.

  • Signboards on quality properties
  • Newspaper advertising for the location
  • Brochures (printed and electronic) for campaigns
  • Door knocking local businesses
  • Approaching property owners directly
  • Telephone calls to targeted people and contacts from campaigns
  • Database systems of record and ongoing contact
  • Social media channels with articles and photographs of properties
  • Local area coverage to buildings, landlords, investors, and business owners
  • Target marketing approaches to groups of people and industry segments
  • Websites and Blogs allow you to create articles of use and interest to local people
  • Editorials can be written about new listings and special properties
  • Email campaigns and flyer drops can be campaign-specific
  • Radio and TV messages about properties and services

So, the list is comprehensive, and some of these things will be very useful for you in your real estate new business creation in your location.  You can also choose or add to the list those marketing methods that are more relevant to your town or city. 

Keep Promotions Simple

Some of these items take a specific focus.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to do all or most of the promotional items on the list.  It is very difficult to do all the items at a consistent level over time.  Choose just a few of the items that work for you and that you can keep up the consistency with.

It is hard to activate all promotional strategies if you are a single agent with limited resources; however, make your choices (just a few) and take action to move ahead in communicating your skills and listings. 

Let’s help you get started.  Here are some more ideas to help you begin the promotional processes.  Don’t forget that you are promoting yourself and your listings.  You can develop a strategy for each.

buildings and graphs
Set your sales strategy in Brokerage.

Brand Awareness

If you work within a large real estate agency or perhaps a franchise group, then the real estate brand of the business will be helpful in your marketing approaches.  The brand can help you build local relevance as you connect with more people.

To build your momentum with your brand, you can merge the logo into just about all your contact processes.  It is then a question of just how relevant and well known your brand could be locally. 

If your business already has plenty of local listings within a location or a property type, things are straightforward.  If, however, your real estate brand is not well known, then you have some work to do.  Build your contact strategies using your brand, and then spread your message around that.

real estate agent planning
Set your sales plan for each listing this way.

Client Research

It is difficult to connect with people if you are not ‘crystal clear’ on just who your client is by type and where they are located.  This means that some client research is required at the beginning of your contact processes.

Start with a map of the local area and draw some boundaries into the map of where your primary new business zone should be.  The primary zone is where you will get approximately 80% of your business over time from within the location.  Think about property types, sales and leasing activity.  What kinds of business can you create, and will that be 80% of your income stream?

When you have clarified the primary zone of new real estate business, draw another zone around the immediate precincts, and call it the secondary zone.  You are prepared to take business from that ‘extended’ location from the secondary zone.  Perhaps 20% of your annual business should come from the extended area.

So, the ‘zones’ allow you to set the client base and location focus.  From that approach, your client research gets easier.  You can look up lists, research people, and create communication strategies.  Choose a few contact strategies that you can work with comfortably and frequently.

Summary of Promotion Strategies

In closing on this point of your real estate promotion, your frequency of contact is perhaps the most critical real estate strategy to think about and develop at a professional level. 

You can and should have your lists of people and property, but the frequency of contacting people is beneficial if you are trying to build your real estate business.  If you put some reliable contact strategies into your real estate business, you will always find more people and properties faster than other agents.  What does this require of you?  In a word, consistency.

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