commercial real estate training podcast by John Highman

Here are the VIP Client connection ideas to help your real estate career.  As a basic rule in brokerage, you have to connect with a lot of people in your local area each week and every day to get traction in your real estate business.  That takes discipline and focus at a personal level.

Today, I want to talk about VIP Clients.  I want to help you put them at the centre of your daily prospecting activity with Sales and Leasing activity.

From that connection process, you will find people to work with, some to know for the long term, and others to discard quickly.  Through some carefully crafted conversations, calls, and meetings you will know if a new property contact is of value to you and if you are of value to them.  There is no point in chasing down a person that is of little substance and potential within the local property industry or investment market.  Protect your time and your connections with segmentation and ongoing contact.

Here is the podcast today to cover that: